Blissed is a full-service production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We deliver tailor-made still- & film productions for all clients and budgets. Our services include art buying, casting, negotiation, location-scouting and production management. With an extensive experience from the fashion- and advertising industry and with a widespread global network, we can ensure to find the perfect team and set-up for your idea or campaign.


H&M, Daniel Wellington, Afound, Storytel, Åhléns, Kicks, Arket, Svenska Spel, Nordea, Hjärt-Lungfonden, Soho House, & Other Stories, Stronger, Peek & Cloppenburg, Morris, Gallerian, Kronans Apotek, Nimly


Philip Messmann, Boe Marion, Johan Sandberg, Camilla Åkrans, Jaclyn Adams, Lachlan Bailey, Linus Morales, Teitur Ardal, Angelina Bergenwall, Rasmus Weng Karlsen, Ethan James Green, Bibi Cornejo Borthwick, Rickard Sund, Theo Gosselin, Laura Coulson, Andreas Johansson, Mattias Björklund, Anton Renborg, Jorge Perez Ortiz, Tim Marcella, Linda Alfvegren, Quentin de Briey, Andrew Yee, Andreas Öhlund, Rami Hanna, Nina Holma, Emma Tempest, Mel Bles, Paul Wetherell, Magnus Magnusson, Calle Stoltz, Hedvig Jenning, Alice Rosati, Frida Marklund, Louise & Maria Thornfeldt, James Brodribb, Pauline Suzor, Andreas Ortner, Sara Bille, John Gripenholm, Patrik Lindén, Kristofer Samuelsson, Niklas Nyman, Elisabeth Toll